Monday, October 29, 2018

Communication is key - A little reminder

Hey readers,

What is up? I hope you are having an amazing day. I am guessing that you already know what I am going to talk about as the title gives it away but it is very important. Honestly, I don't even know how to say it in other words except for "communication is key".

Sadly, this is what we do less now. We communicate less and less. In fact, our favorite word to avoid communicating is "never mind" because that's way easier than explaining something to someone, especially our feelings.

Yes, I know that this sounds overrated just like the quote :"don't worry, be happy" but honestly speaking, it needs to be said. I am not going to pretend we live in a happy land where everything works the way you want and tell you to go message an old friend. Not at all. I just want you to maintain your current "real" relationships who are valuable to you.

I am not even going to throw stories at you explaining why you need to communicate with your love ones. You know exactly why. Not communicating leads to assuming things and misunderstandings. We already have enough problems in this world, we do not need to create any more problems especially because we want to avoid communication.

Please, if you are having a problem with a friend or a family member currently, talk it out. Don't run away. Communicate. Explain yourself. Understand the other person too. This is very important.


Also, even if you don't have any relationship problems, you should still talk to your friends and family and spend some time simply talking to them. 

Imagine if you had to sit with someone and talk for hours on the bench (picture above). Who would it be with? What would you talk about? Talking to someone close to you is a cure in itself. It can solve problems or prevent them. This is something we all need to do; communicate more.  So, let's do that! :)

***Happy Early Halloween! I hope you get into the Halloween spirit and do fun scary things and get lots of candies. But, please be safe. 

~ Thank you so much for reading this and happy blogging ~

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Reacting to my younger self - A big change

Hey readers,

How are you doing? It's getting cold in here. Well, fall is coming soon which is really exciting. :D  (I don't know why I always start my posts by talking about the weather xD) Alright, so I think it is time to take a break from all of the blogging tips and tricks and get more personal. I haven't even had a single blog post that is specifically about me. I have always talked to you guys in a general way. Well, here we go.

A few months ago,  I saw a video of myself from when I was young (about 7 years old) and I was just so surprised. I mean, it was a video that my parents recorded of me and my siblings with a very old camera. We were all very young back then. 

I was so happy, so excited to be talking in front of the camera. I was so social and an active child. Also, I have a very selective memory and there is a lot of things that I don't remember from my childhood. So, I did not exactly remember how I was when I was young. When I saw that video of myself, I couldn't stop thinking about my life.

How did I changed so much? How did I go from being an active, social, excited child to being a camera shy, introverted, reserved person? I was just there sitting on my couch, watching my young self, being the girl I never thought I could be. 

It is even possible to change so much? Is that normal? What got into me? After watching that video, I had all these questions in mind, which are  now left unanswered. 

This is very weird. None of my siblings changed as much as I did. Also, while watching that video, the "new me" was being very entertained by the "old me". I was saying and doing so many random things in front of the camera, it was hilarious. I honestly don't even know where all that energy came from. 

I saw that video a few months ago and I am still not over it. I simply can't. I am so surprised by the big change. 

Has that happened to anyone of you? Have you gone through a big change and has no explanation behind it? Did you completely changed personality from when you were a child to how you are now? I would love to know about your childhood experience :)

~ Thank you so much for reading this and happy blogging ~

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The blogging formula

Hey readers,

How are you guys doing? It is currently hot and sunny out here but there is a little bit of wind which makes this weather so enjoyable. I am loving this weather! I hope you guys are enjoying your day or the weather ( just like I am).

So, I don't know if you have a "formula" or a to do list to complete before or after you share a post. Well, I do and I want to share it with you guys.

Things to do after publishing a post

Share it on every social media possible
- google +
- twitter
- facebook
- instagram
- pinterest

Comment on at least 5-10 other blogs
- comment on blogs you subscribe
- discover new blogs and comment on them

On twitter
- like and retweet at least 10 other blog posts

On insta
- like at least 10 pictures related to blogging
- comment on other blogger's pictures

On Facebook
- like at least 10 posts
- comment on them

On pinterest
- like/save 10 pins
- pin at least 10 posts

This list is an indirect way of promoting your own work, doing some good to other bloggers and discovering more things. When you support other bloggers, they will most likely support you too.

Sometimes, you are busy in your daily life and do not have time to follow other blogs. You might not be so active on your own blog. So, finding time to support others might be even more difficult. This is why I have shared this list here. It doesn't take much time to simply click a "like" button or the "retweet" button on twitter or to just double tap to like a picture on Instagram. This list is a reminder to just support others when you can. When you have a small 10 minutes, you can go ahead and do some of these things. If you use social media often, might as well use it to support others who supports you.

Here is a simple way to put this:

1 C + 2 L + 3 S = Honest audience

Like and Love
Share, Subscribe and Support

If you do all of the above, you will spread the joy of blogging and you will get an honest audience in return who will support you.

I will be posting a blogging guide on my blog on September 15 (next Saturday) for anyone who might be interested into starting a blog, for people who are still new with the whole blogging idea or basically for anyone who needs any information about blogging.

~ Thank you so much for reading and happy blogging ~

Monday, August 20, 2018

How blogging helps me in real life

Hey readers,

How are you guys doing? I hope you are having an awesome day! Before I begin, I just wanted to say thank you to each of you who gave me a suggestion on the personal touch (my lastest post) and I am so glad you guys are good with "hey readers". I have decided to stick with that :D

*Moving on*

So, as you guys know, I love blogging so much and I know I say that a lot but I really do. Well, today is not about how much I love it but how much blogging helps me in real life.

I say real life because blogging is a part of me that is secretive. No one really knows that I blog and so when I blog, I feel like I am in a different world far away from my reality.

1- Get away from the hate
When I say hate, I don't mean it personally but generally. Just by reading or watching the news you can see all the hate that there in this world. People killing people, racism, and what not. So, getting away from all the negativity and writing on my blog can be really helpful. The blogging community is so kind and awesome. A nice comment, a like on my post or anyone who reads my posts can simply make my day :)

2- Learning
I can't tell you how many things I learned from blogging. Not only about blogging but from other bloggers too. I used to only comment on blogs I could relate to. Now, I learn new things everyday by reading things that aren't familiar to me so that I can learn it. For example, I would never check out technology bloggers because I don't know much about it but now I do check them out and do learn how things work and know the latest phones or gadgets they have.

I also know bloggers who writes beautiful poems. Those bloggers really inspired me into writing poems for a poetry class I had to take when my mind was blank. Trust me, having those amazing bloggers who write poetry and stories really helped me passing that poetry class.

3- On the same boat
When you are in your own little world, you think that you are the only one who feels in some way. Whatever you feel like, you might think that no one else feels the same. But when you are out there reading other blogs, you realize you are not alone. You can read other blog posts and relate to other people's situations. After reading, you know that you are not alone. This can be such a relief.

4- Mentally
Blogging really helps me mentally. Whenever you are writing a post, you have something in mind. You are thinking about that something and you might want to share it. How many posts do you have on your blog that is either something personal to you or some random or important thoughts put into words? Well, imagine not having to write them down on a paper or on a blog. You are going to have a breakdown. Sometimes, it is important to clear things up. Keeping everything in mind is just another way to give self stress. So, you need to let it all out. That is why, writing down your thoughts or sharing them with someone is needed. This is how blogging helps my mental health. I write my thoughts on this blog and share them with you guys. Trust me, it feels really good.

5- Productive
Are you a lazy person? Do you feel like you are being useless? I don't know about you but I feel this way sometimes and that is not a good feeling. But, when I am blogging, I feel useful. I feel like I have an identity. I can proudly say that I am a blogger (well, I say it to myself, in my mind because a little bit of self-encouragement can't hurt right?!). When you blog, you have to write new posts, do some promotion for your posts and interact with other bloggers and much more. That does include some work and since I love blogging, it encourages me to do something. It makes me feel less lazy and more productive. It actually makes me happy.

For all of these reasons and more, blogging is always worth it. It is by far the best decision I have ever made.

How does blogging helps you in your life? Do you feel a certain way about blogging? 

~ Thank you so much for reading and happy blogging! ~

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Personal touch


How are you guys? I hope you are having an amazing day/evening. :D  Okay so I don't know how you feel about me starting with "hey readers" in every single post. I just realized that it might be weird. You can see why this time I started with "Hola" instead of "hey readers".

My plan originally was to go with "hey bloggers" but I want to be open for those who read this blog and might not be a blogger. And somehow, the "hey readers" just came to mind. I just feel that starting with "hello" is really not original and I want to start my post in a way that is more welcoming and where I feel like I am talking to you personally. 

I know that the content is the most important part of blogging but I still think it would be nice to add a little personal touch. (If you think about it, that is the first word that people will read) and I would love to have any kind of suggestions from you guys :D 

*A little blogging update*

I just started a blogging journal where I write any blog post ideas that I might have, any updates that should be done on my blog and you know, just a simple way to stay organized. 

I even planned on having two more pages on my blog and I can't wait to share them with you as soon as I am done with them. (One of them might be up in a month or less)

Please do let me know if you have any suggestions on how I should start my blog post or if you are okay with "hey readers" even if it is weird until I find something else. 

~ Thank you so much for reading and happy blogging! ~

Monday, July 23, 2018

Things to do when you need inspiration ♥

Hey readers,

Are you a blogger who is currently out of inspiration? Well, you can go ahead and google anything between "unique blog posts ideas" and "where/how to find inspiration". You might either find what you were looking for or you will most likely have results such as "35 blog posts ideas to boost your blog",  "the ultimate list of blogging ideas" and actually have nothing. There is a big chance these ideas are already taken or perhaps not enough creative for your blog? If it is not for you, don't worry about it.

Believe me, I did google a lot of these before I figured out that the best way I could get inspired is by looking at things in a different way. Here are some tips so that you can do the same and get some inspiration for your blog. :)

Edited on Canva

1- Take a look at your likes

Whether you are on instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter or any other social media platform, you should take a look at your likes and there is a high chance you will find inspiration there.

2- Look back on your older blog posts

Did you do a part 1 of something? Maybe it is time for a part 2? You can also re-write an older post or have similar posts to the previous ones that your viewers loved :D

3- Read other blog posts

You can always get inspired by other bloggers. If you have absolutely loved a blog post from another blogger, you can do a similar one by adding your creativity/personal touch in it and there you have it. :)

4- Participate in tags or challenges

If you want to keep up with your blog but need ideas, you can do those 30 blog posts challenges or any other weekly challenges. I know some people do a favorites of the month or a weekend favorites thing. Others do a "things I am grateful for today" post which is also interesting.

5- Talk about your day/getaway/trip

If you have a family/friends getaway, trip or simply just going out, you can talk about it in blog post. I personally love to read those and would absolutely comment on them.

These are a few ways I find inspiration for my blog. We usually look elsewhere for inspiration but sometimes you can be your own inspiration.

I appreciate each one of you for reading this. I hope these small tips were helpful for you. Please leave your blog link below so that I can check it out. Also, I would love to know where you get your inspiration from.

Until next time, happy blogging! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The future of blogging

Hey readers,

So recently, I was having a conversation with another blogger and we were talking about blogging and our future. Isn't it weird that we are always planning about our future yet we have absolutely no idea what the future holds for us?

In fact, prior to writing this post, I did not even think about what will happen to my blog in the future. But as I am writing this, I still don't have an answer to it. I don't know if I'll keep blogging, I don't know if I'll become too busy or have any other reason to quit blogging. The future is unknown which is probably why I haven't given it much thought but all I know is that I love blogging.

I have been blogging for four years now and I can't complain. I love how other bloggers are so kind and always ready to help you out. I love meeting other people who share the same interest as me or even meet people with new interests who fascinates me. Like I said in my other posts, you don't see much hate between bloggers and instead you see a lot of bonding, sharing, caring and understanding and more. I can call myself a blogger and be proud of it. This is just an amazing feeling.

I may not know anything about my future, but I know that at this very moment, I am writing this post and have a few ideas for my next posts too and I will keep blogging until I can because I love being part of the blogosphere. Blogging is now a part of me and I don't ever want to quit it.

This is really just a little appreciation message to myself to remind me that the future might be unknown, but the present is not and so I should appreciate the greats things now that can lead towards more happiness in the future or simply appreciate it before it goes away.

Let's talk!

What do you think about blogging? Do you have any idea what will happen to your blog in the future? Do you think you'll keep blogging?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Because it matters.

Hey readers,

Happy Friday! This week was really great for me as I did something new. I spend some time with my friend in the nature and really enjoyed that moment. I loved being surrounded by trees in a quiet place. I also did a little exploring in my own city which was amazing because that is something I don't usually do. I hate going out normally or more like I hate getting ready to go out. But, once I am out there, I do love it. I guess I am just too much comfortable at home. If you are like me, you know that being in your comfort zone can be both satisfying and problematic because you are so comfortable that you wouldn't want to go out there and do anything. The worst part is when you do go out and you feel like you have achieved so much while we all know that's not exactly true.

Well, there is certainly one thing I believe and that is that when you go out, even if it's just for grocery shopping or spending time with someone, you always learn something. Sometimes you don't even realize it but you do learn a lot and that feeling is actually amazing. I learned a lot of new things, I saw new places, I got to know more things about my friend, new thoughts came to mind and much more. 

When you experience, learn or see new things, you feel a little bit of change in your inner self (good or bad depending on what experience) but it does stay with you as it becomes either a part of you or a memory for you to think back about it.

We can't possibly change in one day. If there is something about you that you want to change or improve, you have to take little steps. Just like a baby, you have to take small steps, walk slowly and focus. If you fall, you will have to get back up and keep on going. Whether we are talking about big goals or small, the procedure is the same.

I feel like we mostly think big these days but that's not the problem. The problem is that we think too big that we forget about the little things. Yes, we all want a big house and a nice car. But what about that first car you bought with your own money? Doesn't that count? What about the first time you even drove a car? That is an achievement too. But we don't tend to remember these things because we always want to think ahead. Once you get your driving license you will directly think about purchasing a car for yourself instead of simply appreciating the moment. This is an example of a little achievement that we would take for granted. It's just something we do. We don't stop and take a moment to be proud of ourselves. We think to ourselves that it is nothing big and we move on. We are all guilty of this and we should start appreciating little things. At the end, it is the little things that leads to bigger goals.

What is new for you might be a regular thing for anyone else but that is not a reason to take it for granted. There is a first time for everything. When you experience or learn something, you make your own self happy and that's why you should be grateful for it. Also, you never know when learning something can serve you in the future. We should all be thankful for what we have and sometimes take a moment to simply appreciate everything, even the little things. :) 

What did you learn recently? How do you feel about it?

Monday, May 7, 2018

How to support other bloggers

Hey readers,
How are you doing? So in my last blog post we talked about where to find your type of blogs and in the previous one we talked about how blogging is awesome and that if you are interested you should definitely go for it. (I'll put in the links below) Now I want to talk about how you can support other bloggers.

So you made a blog, you found other bloggers that you find interesting. Now what?
Don't you want to support them like they support you?

Here are some ways you can support them :D

1- Subscribe/ Follow
If you like a blog, subscribe to it. Be part of their mailing list. This is an indirect way of saying I love your blog and I want to see more of your awesome posts. I feel like it is pretty hard to get followers on a blog because no matter how much your blog is awesome, people might hesitate to click that button. It is much easier for people to follow you on twitter instead and just click your links whenever they want to check out your blog. But if you really like a blog, you should follow it so you will be notified when they post. :)

2- Comment
Bloggers love comments. It takes time to create a new post and if you take time to comment on people's blogs, they will love it and be even more motivated to create new posts. Let them know how you enjoy their posts, how you want to see more of those, how you can relate to them. Comments are one of the best ways to support bloggers.

3- Follow them on social media
There are numerous ways a blogger can promote their new blog post. I feel like bloggers mainly promote their posts on twitter and instagram, pinterest and on bloglovin' so if you see these links on their blog just go ahead and click them and follow them. Don't hesitate to message them and let them know you enjoy reading their blog posts. A simple act of kindness can change everything!

4- Buy their "stuff"
If a blogger is selling some of their products like maybe on Etsy or something, you can support them by buying their products.

5- Share away
One thing that you can do is share a blog post. If you really enjoying reading a post or find it inspiring, just go ahead and share it with anyone you know. You can share it on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest. Retweet it on twitter, repost on instagram, pin it on pinterest.

If you do some or all of this, I promise you, you are not only making other bloggers happy, but yourself too because what you give is what you get. If you show lots of love and support towards other bloggers, they will return the love too.

Also, this will help you build a stronger bond with other bloggers and perhaps you might end up with awesome blogging buddies :D

Blogging isn't just about yourself, it is about a whole community. - H.P.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Where to find your type of blogs?

Hey readers,
What do you do in your free time? Except for being a couch potato, I also like to just sit down with my laptop and a few snacks and start watching YouTube videos, then go around my social media accounts. I actually love to read books, interesting articles. But ever since I started blogging, reading other blogs has become a part of my free time. When you blog, you will most definitely read other blogs as it is a part of blogging itself. But how do you go around and search for them?

1) Trough your own comments
When someone comments on your blog, there is a big chance that person will leave their blog link for you to check it out. That's a win-win situation as you get to meet a new blogger and support each other at the same time.

2) My first source of discovering new blogs (outside your blog) is definitely twitter. It is so easy to search trough hashtags (bloggers), blogging communities, bloggers chats. One thing that is amazing about twitter is that you can retweet what you want to share with your followers and so if you follow someone and that person retweets a blog post, you'll be able to see it and that way you get to check out that blog.

Also, people will usually post in their bio what type of content they have on their blogs and will attach their blog link too. They will also share their posts on their feed, that way you are just one click away from falling in love with other blogs :D

3) Trough comments from other blogs
It's already great that you get blog links in your own posts but when you comment on other blogs, you can see bloggers commenting there as well and it's nice to just click their links and read their posts too.

4) Facebook groups
You can always join Facebook groups that supports bloggers. It can help as people leave their latest blog posts for you to read them and you can also share your blog.

5) Bloglovin'
Bloglovin' is a classy yet beautiful place where you can discover blogs. I am just in love with it. I feel like if you are a blogger, it is a must for you to have it.

You can also simply google a type of blog that you are looking for and it will give you lots of options. For example, if you are a travel blogger and want to discover more, you can type "Top 50 travel bloggers" on google and you will get plenty of results.

It is always nice to discover new blogs or simply follow the blogs that you love ♥ 

~ Laugh like crazy and make people wonder what's wrong with you ~