Monday, July 26, 2021

5 Ways To Increase Your Following on Instagram

Hey readers,

How are you doing? It's been a while! I came back with some tips and tricks on how to increase your following on Instagram. Now, I am not talking about simply increasing your following just to be "famous", I am talking more to your advantage in your field. As a blogger, I want to engage with more bloggers and so, I don't want to follow or be followed by just anyone but rather a blogger who I can connect with. I have used these tips to gain a loyal following and it works so you should try it as well.

Be Consistent 

We all try so hard to be consistent with our social media, but sometimes life gets in the way and we don't have the time to create a new post or engage with our followers. If you are really busy, I'd suggest to simply take 5-10 minutes to post a quick story or comment on other posts. If you don't post anything for 2-3 months, chances are you might lose some of your following. 

Collaborate with Bloggers

I find that collaborations are very advantageous, not only for your blog but to increase your Instagram following. Let's say you collaborate with someone who has a different type of following than yours, your post might attract them and that will certainly increase your engagement. The blogging community is huge and you will always discover new bloggers through collaborations. I'd suggest, whenever you have time and the opportunity, collaborate with bloggers as much as you can. 

Hashtag Following

Instagram lets you follow hashtags and I love that because it allows me to discover new bloggers. I am from Montreal and I follow #montrealbloggers which helps me discovering bloggers in my area and I love connecting with them. This is great if you often collaborate with bloggers in your surrounding. 

Follow People in your Niche

As a blogger, I love following other bloggers and the more you engage with them, the more you meet new people and follow them and you might get a follow back from other bloggers as well. It is important to support each other as we all have one main goal (to bring followers to our blog). 

Challenge Yourself

I have made this new rule for myself where I try to like and comment on at least 10 posts per day and engage with people. If I am too busy, I'll try to take time to post on my story whenever I can to stay active on Instagram. I am also planning on making new challenges to stay consistent on Instagram and on my blog.

Sometimes we have a lot of ideas in our head, but we find it hard to put them in words and to create a post all together. Other times, we simply lack time and energy to sit down and write it all out. When we do find time to write, we hope that our post reaches an audience who understands us and care to read the post and share their thoughts. Let's support each other, we are in this together.

~Thank you for reading and happy blogging ~

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Golden Bloggerz Award

Hey readers,

It's been a while, how are you? I am super excited to be nominated for The Golden Bloggerz Award by the amazing blogger HeadphonesThoughts. Thank you so much for the nomination, I feel very honored. Please check out her blog as she shares her thoughts on life and also shares inspiring and beautiful quotes. I apologize for taking forever to post this, I had a busy month and exam stress took over me. I am glad to finally be able to share this with you guys! 

Also, I would like to thank the creator of this award, Chris Kosto, for being such a inspiring blogger and encouraging other bloggers as well. Thank you! 
Here's a link to their website. The Original Creator Of The Golden Bloggerz Award

Before we begin, let's just go quickly over the rules in respect to the creator of this award.
1. Place the award logo on your blog
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tag whom ever nominated you and place a link of their website.
4. Mention the awards creator and add a link to that too.
5. Tell your audience 3 things about you.
6. Answer your nominator's questions
7. Nominate 10-20 people who deserves this award.
8. Let the nominees know by commenting/messaging on their social media
9. Ask your nominees any 5 questions that you want.
10. Share 2-3 links to your best posts.

Three things about me
  • My absolute favorite show is Friends (If you follow me on insta you know this already) 
  • I like watching Korean dramas (if you have suggestions for me, leave them in the comments)
  • I don't like watching movies or youtube videos on my phone (unless I don't have a choice, I prefer using my laptop for that)

My Answers to HeadphonesThoughts Questions 

What celebrity would you like to play you in a movie? 

Haha, that's an interesting question. I think I'm gonna go with Sandra Bullock. She has a great personality and is down to earth. I like watching her take on different roles and it would be hilarious to watch her play me in any movie. 

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

This is actually a very hard question. I guess somewhere in northern Europe? I don't know the exact location but I have heard and read great things. Not only the places looks beautiful and peaceful but the people seems to be friendly and amazing. There are some places that really seem magical (from pictures I have seen) and I just love that it looks super interesting. 

One interesting fact about you? 

Oh boy, I don't know if this is interesting but when I was little, I thought there was a 32 in the calendar ( I don't know why). I just remember looking for a 32 in the calendar (how smart was I?!) 

My 3 Best Blogs Posts

I'm just going to share three random blog posts that I love here. Hopefully you enjoy these too! 

Personal Touch

The Blogging Formula

Reacting to My Younger Self

My Nominees  (I tagged them with their insta handles so you can follow them as well)


My Questions for The Nominees

If money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing right now? 

What is something that even if it was free, you wouldn't eat it? 

If you could live as a celebrity for one day, who would it be? 

What's the most hilarious thing that has happened to you? 

What's a word that is perfectly normal when written but sound weird when you have to say it? 

Once again, I'd like to thank HeadphonesThoughts for nominating me, it is truly an honor, please check out her blog. Also, good luck to all the nominees, I hope you get to accept the award. I can't wait to read your answers. Do tag me in your posts, blogs so that I can see your answers.

Thank you for reading & happy blogging! 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Meet the Travel Blogger and Youtuber - Tharsh

Hey readers, 

Welcome back to The Daily Sunlight Interview Series!

I know we all miss traveling and wish that we could leave everything right now and just go on a nice vacation. Let's hope that we can do that soon. In the meantime, we can only imagine ourselves doing that. Or, if you are really hopeful, you can actually start planning your travels. Tharsh is a blogger and a Youtuber who shares his travel experiences and has great tips for you as well. If you need ideas of where to travel next, do check out his YouTube channel and his blog: The Journal of An Explorer. 
Oh, and here's a fun fact: Tharsh has visited 27 countries, how amazing is that? 

To start off this interview, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Tharsh and I’m 25 years old. I am ethnically Eelam Tamil, but was born in London, and I continue to live there to this day. I started travelling when I was in university. In my second year I finished my exams a week before all my mates, so I decided to take a mini trip through Europe by myself and I immediately caught the travelling bug and have been travelling whenever I can to this day. I’ve been to 27 countries so far, and my aim is to go to at least 100 countries so that I can say that I’ve been to half the countries in the world. 

What is one thing you always bring with you while traveling?

Call me a millennial, but I always take my camera with me. By no means am I a professional photographer, but I’ve always enjoyed taking scenic photos of all the places I’ve visited, and I would love to create some kind of scrapbook one day. 

Do you have any stories that you would like to share about any of your experiences while traveling?

I went to Switzerland a few years ago by myself, and as a part of my trip, I took a day trip into Chamonix, which is a mountain town in the Alps. It’s also the closest town to the Mont Blanc, there’s a cable car that takes you right into the heart of the Alps. Whilst on this day trip, I made friends with a traveler from Australia, and it was just so great getting to know him, and we still keep in touch even though I haven’t seen him since that day. This experience really showed me that there is no harm in talking to new people and that there are lovely people all around the world. 

Do you think that the pandemic will conflict with your future traveling plans? Do you think it is going to be more difficult for you to travel in the future with Covid-19?

Initially I was hoping the pandemic would be over in a few months, but the fact that it has dragged on for so long and has caused devastation across the world has meant that travelling seems like a very foreign concept at the moment. I’m secretly hoping I may be able to fly away towards the end of this year, but the way things are going I won't be surprised if I’m not able to fly abroad until 2022. It is frustrating as I’m in my mid 20s, and this is probably the best time of my life for me to be travelling, however in the grand scheme of things people have lost so much in this pandemic and therefore I can’t really complain about not being able to travel. 

You have a great selection of postcard collection, when did you first start collecting them?

Thank you! I think around 2015? I’ve always wanted to buy some kind of souvenir on every trip i go - but there’s a limit to how many key rings you can have! So I decided to collect postcards, they're usually very cheap and you can find them all over the world! 

What is something interesting you have learned that stays with you?

I think not judge people based on what other people have said. Before I went to Barbados, my family told me to be very careful (according to them people from the Caribbean aren’t trustworthy) - however this couldn’t have been further from truth, everyone I met on my trip was lovely and was always willing to help out. 

Your Instagram is filled with beautiful photos. I see a balance of both mountains & beaches. Do you think you are more of a mountain or a beach type of person? Why?

I’m definitely a mountain person, they’re just so beautiful and majestic. Honestly one of the wonders of nature, and being a bit of a geography geek, I just love them and would 100% always visit a mountain over a beach. Beaches can be relaxing, but they’re quite similar wherever you can go and usually get bored very easily. 

After reading your blog, I can see that Iceland has a piece of your heart and you wish to return there to see the northern lights, have you ever visited a country more than once?

Yes! Being of Tamil ethnicity, means that I have family all over the world, as a result I think I’ve visited France at least 15 times? Also been to Canada a few times, and the same with other countries in Europe. 

Have you had any bad experiences while traveling?

No, not really.. I’ve been quite lucky to be honest! The worst that’s ever happened to me is that I lost my driving license whilst clubbing in Barcelona and almost lost my phone on the way to the airport in Barbados - but other than that it's all been fairly good experiences so far! 

Do you always plan out everything beforehand or do you sometimes let life surprise you?

I like to plan everything in advance, it’s often cheaper (as you can book things in advance) and also a more efficient use of time! On occasions where i haven’t really planned anything, I often find I waste a lot of time working on what to do, and then whatever I do tends to not be that great. 

Where do you plan to travel next?

So last year I turned 25 and my sister turned 21 in the same month, we were planning to go on a family holiday to Dubai to celebrate the occasion, however Covid laid waste to those plans. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we might be able to go this year!

What’s one travel tip you’d recommend highly to anyone planning their next trip given the current situation of Covid-19

I haven’t really been travelling during Covid, so I don’t know if I can really offer any insightful advice. But one thing I would recommend is that people be flexible; Covid-19 is an ever-moving threat, and situations can change quite dramatically. I highly recommend booking tickets/hotels that come with free cancellations or amendments, it will save a lot of hassle! 

Is there anything you would like to add or share in this interview?

I would love it if your readers could check out my YouTube channel! Unfortunately, most of my content is UK based due to the pandemic, but I’m hoping I'll be able to make some international content soon!

Thank you so much, Tharsh, for taking the time to answer my questions and let our readers know you in a more personal level. I hope that once it is safe out there, you can get back to your traveling journey. I loved reading your blog posts and hopefully we will get to read more posts in the near future. I am also very excited to see more of your YouTube videos. Stay safe! 

Readers, if you haven't seen his latest video, you can check it out by clicking the link below: 
Exploring Surrey | Frensham Pond

Here are Tharsh's social media links, do show some love!

YouTube Channel:

Readers, where have you traveled last and where are you planning on traveling next when you feel safe? Let me know in the comments! 

~Thank you so much for reading & happy blogging ~ 

Monday, April 5, 2021

How I Plan & Organize my Instagram for my Blog

Hey readers, 

I have seen a lot of people trying to make their Instagram feed look perfect and I must say, some people manage to do that very well. I can't tell you how many insta pages I have come across that are so aesthetically pleasing that I just couldn't help to wonder how much time and effort they put into it. 

I have just recently started to care about the aesthetic of my page because my main focus is to promote my blog and as we all know, aesthetic is everything. Your readers will be attracted by your photos before even deciding whether they're interested in reading your post. 

The real question here is: how to have a stunning Instagram feed without going crazy? Well, there is no secret here. You simply need a good organization. 

Before getting into the apps, I just want to show you guys something that I do to make sure I read the blogs shared by others. If you are a blogger, you know that most people will promote their newest post on insta and sometimes there is a lot of new posts so I make sure to save it. I have categorize my saves so it makes it easier for me to stay up to date with my blog reading. 


I absolutely love the Preview app to organize my feed. It is basically like a digital planner for your Instagram. I love the fact that you can rearrange your photos. You can also edit your photos, write your entire caption and add your hashtags. 

Preview is constantly upgrading and adding new ideas for you to get creative with your insta posts. There is so much you can do with this app. It is an all in one kind of app which I love the most.



I love to see my scheduled posts for an entire month. If you are visual like me, this app is for you. I also love the fact that you can schedule for other social media as well. Having everything all in one place is so efficient. 

I heard a lot of people are using this and it is mostly good reviews so I highly recommended. You got nothing to lose anyways, right? 


A great way to organize all your links into one. As a blogger, you might be sharing your content all over social media and the followers you have on insta might not all be the ones you have on twitter. Therefore, it is important to share all your links here so that people can connect with you. 

Which app do you prefer to schedule your Instagram, Preview or Later? 

~Thank you so much for reading & happy blogging ~ 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Having a Pen Name, Good or Bad?

Hey readers,

For those of you who aren't familiar with this term, a pen name is a name used by a writer instead of their real name (like a pseudonym). A popular example is J.K. Rowling. Before I started my blog, I have seen quite a few bloggers using a pen name and I thought it was a good idea and I got one for myself. 

Some people think that having a pen name is bad or simply pointless. I think it is more of a personal choice. I can understand why one would choose to use a pen name and why someone else would not. It doesn't really matter as long as you are happy with your choice.

You might know me as "ThatUnknownBlogger" or as "Inna" (which isn't my real name). I prefer using a pen name because I rather not reveal who's behind this blog for the moment. Being an introvert, this blog is basically like my personal journal. Besides, I am simply a blogger who writes for herself, there is nothing for me to worry about for now. 

There is no specific reason why it is good or bad. If you do use one, you must have your own reasons, right? Some people use it to hide their identity. Others believe it to be "cool" or unique, something that people remember you by. Again, as long as you are happy with it. So, if you want to get a pen name, go ahead! 

Do you have a pen name? Did you ever think about getting one? 
I always love when people tell the story of how they got their pen name so if you do have one, let me know how you came up with that in the comment! 

Also, I was finally able to make a signature for my blog and I am super happy with it! If you want to make one for your blog, comment below or message me, I'll be glad to help!

~Thank you for reading & happy blogging~

Monday, March 8, 2021

Meet the Lifestyle Blogger - Amber Louise

Hey readers,

Welcome back to the Daily Sunlight Interview Series! 

I hope you are ready with your hot choco or coffee as I am here to introduce you to an amazing blogger. Are you interested in fashion? Do you love reading about skincare reviews? Do you want blogging tips? Do you love freebies? I think we all do! Well, ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to Amber Louise.

To start off this interview, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi there! My name is Amber Louise, and I am from Nottingham, UK. I am currently at University, and I run a lifestyle blog called The Unpredicted Page. My blog covers a whole range of topics, so it is suitable for everyone! I also run an Instagram (@amberxpagex) where I focus mainly on fashion.

Your blog covers a variety of topics (health & beauty, fashion, travel, recipes, financial advice and more). What is your favorite thing to write about? 

My favorite thing is writing about is product reviews. I love sharing my opinion and helping other people decided whether a product is good enough to buy or not. I have reviewed things like skincare products, razors, and apple cider gummies. I think reviews are more interesting to read personally.

What is the best part about blogging? What do you love most about it?

The bets part of blogging is seeing my profile grow. I love it when people recognize me or when they say that they really loved reading my posts. My blog is to help others so when I get good feedback it is the best thing!

Do you have a specific routine when it comes to publishing your post? Are you more someone who schedules a post in advance or simply writes everything on the spot?

I schedule my posts a month in advance. I like to be super prepared, so I plan content ideas in bulk. It also takes me a few sittings to finish a blog post. I very rarely mange to finish writing and editing a blog post in one go.

Are there any tools/apps that you use for your blog that you would like to share with us? (any photo editing apps or anything)

I use Grammarly to check my grammar is correct. I also love using lightroom and airbrush for my pictures. My blog photos are usually recycled Instagram photos, so I use my presets for them.

What is the best way, according to you, to promote a blog post after publishing it?

When I post a blog post, I share it on Twitter. This means the post gets instant attention. I also like to create a multiple pins for the post and pin them onto Pinterest over the next few weeks. The best way of getting traffic to your post would be to get it ranking on google so I also write with SEO in mind.

What is your favorite post that you have published until now and why is it that one your favorite?

My favorite post I have written is What is uni really like: University myths as I got a lot of good feedback form it. It is also one of my longest posts.


How long have you been blogging for? Do you see yourself blogging in the future?

I have been blogging for 10 months now so almost a year. I am so proud of how far I have come, and I really do hope I can carry it on in the future. I am looking into monetizing my blog so that it can become more of a side hustle.

Where did you get your inspiration to help other bloggers through your blogging resources? (affiliate program, freebies, templates) 

My freebies are simply products that have helped me in the past which is why I wanted to share them with others. For example, I created my own media kit template and it worked for me, so I wanted to share it with others. I believe there is plenty of room in the blogging industry so why not help others achieve their goals.

What would you do to improve your content?

I would try and double check all my content for grammar issues as when I look back at them, I always seem to find the odd mistake here and there.

Given the current situation of COVID-19 19, most people work from home and students have online classes. Due to that, do you think you are able to blog more often? 

I was able to blog more often in the first lockdown in the UK and it did wonders for my blog. But currently, I am back at University, so my blog has taken a bit of a back step which is annoying, but I must prioritize my study’s.

Is there anything you would like to add or share in this interview?

One of my recent posts was posted in November and within a month it was ranking on the first page of google which was incredible for me! It was my first post that has ever been on the first page: Facetheory Regena c20 Serum Review: Worth it?

Thank you, Amber, for being a part of my Daily Sunlight Interview Series! It is always a pleasure getting to know bloggers on a more personal level. I love reading your posts, they are very helpful and I love your blog design. It is simply beautiful. Your blogging tips are very useful and your products reviews can really help one decide whether they would be interested to include those products in their skin care routine. Keep it up with your great posts! 

Readers, all of her links are below, do check out her blog and show some love. 

~Thank you for reading & happy blogging ~ 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

10 Types of People You Need to Avoid

Hey readers,

You guys wanted this as my next post so here it is! I have so many stories to tell you and I am sure you have plenty too. We all have to deal with these type of people at some point in our lives. The question is how you deal with them? 

Are you someone who can easily leave a friendship because it is toxic and tell a co-worker they are wrong and stand up for yourself or are you more someone who needs to please people or simply find it hard to let go of people? 

I am lucky enough to have someone in my life who I can call my best friend. We have been best friends for over 10 years. I am so happy and thankful for her. But this story is not about her but about another friend I have (let's call her Daisy). 

I have experienced that a long time friendship can end at any time without you being aware of it. Daisy and I also know each other for over 10 years and we are still friends but grew apart really quickly. I won't go into details, my point was just to say that I have learn a lot thanks to my friends. Growing up, I had this idea that a friendship over at least 5 years is here to stay. Well, I was wrong. Now, I believe that everything is possible. It is possible to have a friendship that lasts forever, it is possible that your long lasting friendship ends, it is possible you become friends with the person you once hated. Anything can happen, for the good or for the bad but keep your hopes high and don't build a wall around your heart. Learn from your experiences and move on! 

Now, let's think about people in general. Have you ever had someone who you tried to avoid in your life? It could be a friend or a co-worker. I am pretty much sure we all got them stories, I have one too. For the very first time, I had to get rid of a friend/co-worker. However, did it work? Was I able to get rid of that person? Read more to find out!

Needy People

I have never met any needy people until I met this one person. To avoid saying any real name, let's call this person Regina Phalange (Friends). At first, we had a good friendship and I loved hanging out with Regina but I only realized later that she was very needy and was always seeking compliments. She is nice but needs a lot of attention and is very possessive. She doesn't really like it when you become close with anyone else. I have never tried to purposely get rid of someone but I had to avoid her at all cost. It was hard for me as we worked together and because she's sweet which makes me feel bad but sometimes, it is just too much. I couldn't her manipulate me with her kindness. Now, I still see her at work but we have a quick chat and I go on with my day. Although I wasn't able to 


These are the ones that stab you in the back and then ask why you're bleeding. I am pretty sure you all know what I am talking about here, they are everywhere and most of us had to deal with them at some point in life (or literally everyday). AVOID AT ALL COST. 

The Victim

There are people who have real problems and then there's this type of people who create their own problems and then play the victim. How is it possible that you have a problem with every single thing in life? How can you blame someone else for everything? Why would you refuse to help or improve yourself? I'd say, after the backstabbers, this one is the worst type. Also, it is really hard to find who plays the victim because it is easy to relate to someone who shares their stories, their struggles with you. You become their friend and easily feel attached. 

The Bully 

I am more talking more about the indirectly bullying between co-workers. For example, one of your colleague will make you do more work because they have been working for a longer time while you are a newbie. This type of people are actually very hard to avoid. They just think they have an authority over you and sometimes you can't really do anything about it as you don't want to create problems on the first days of your job. 

The One Who's Way too Nice

Okay, I know I am definitely not the only one who's annoyed by these people. This is someone who will say thank you a thousand times if you help them for anything. They will shoot all their compliments towards you like no one every did before (and that every time they see you). Sometimes, it is way too much. Being nice, friendly is different from being overly nice. I feel like there should be a limit. 

The One Who's Too Comfy

Sometimes, we can get comfortable with people but not enough to share everything. When we begin to be comfortable, some people think that we are at that stage where they can simply be all "touchy". Some people just love to put their hands on your shoulder as they talk and that might be a good thing as they like you. But, if you are someone who likes to stay in your bubble, you might not be a fan of those touchy people. 


How bad do you hate your life that you have to gossip about other people? It is very important to stay away from people who gossip. It is okay to talk to someone about someone else but only in a good way. "Hey, did you see Ken Adams (Friends)? He seems like he's happy now" Now that's good talk. But, in my opinion, if you are having a conversation with someone else, it is better to talk about each other, about your own lives. It avoids gossiping and you get to learn more about your friend. 


I guess sometimes it is okay to be self-centered. Actually, this type of people focuses on themselves and chances are they will keep their nose out of other people's business. So, if you think about it, these aren't the worst people to become friends with. Also, they are usually confident and goal oriented. We can learn from them sometimes. But, I don't think you want to become good friends if they are too self-centered because that could be bad as they won't care as much for you. 


I have a few coworkers that are temperamental and it is one of the worst things ever. You come to work not knowing how they're feeling and what mood to expect from them. Sometimes they are happy and sometimes they look at you like they are going to kill you. It is very hard to work with them especially if you are someone who is generally in a good mood. 


Honestly, I don't even know what to say here. Just stay away from them. You don't need anyone to disrespect you (that includes friends, family, coworkers). DO NOT LET ANYONE DISRESPECT YOU. 

It is actually very hard to avoid some people, mostly co-workers or people who you have been friends for over 10 years or more. You expect to be friends forever, but it doesn't always happen. It is possible that you are best friends now, and later fall apart. On the other hand, you can become good friends with someone you hated at first and that could turn to be a real friendship. Life has its challenges, you simply need the force to face them. 

Do you have any experiences about a certain type of people that you had to avoid? How do you feel about this? Let me know in the comments! 

~Thank you for reading & happy blogging ~

Monday, February 15, 2021

Pinterest - A Must Have

Hey readers,

I have heard that some people are absolutely in love with Pinterest while some others hate it and a few might have a love-hate relationship with it. I am one of those who is in love with Pinterest. Yes, I can spend all day scrolling through pins and I won't get bored. 

Now, let's talk about why you SHOULD have Pinterest (even if you don't like it). 


More often than not, we need inspiration. We are always out there looking for new ideas, for creativity and the best place to look for them is Pinterest. You can search anything that you want. There is a lot of tutorials, home decor ideas, everything fashion and so much more. You can even look up for blog post ideas or writing prompts for journaling. It is good for professional and personal use. 


I'd say if you needed a good reason to use Pinterest even though you are not a fan of it, this would be it. Your pins can link to your website and this could increase your traffic. It is great for promoting your blog and your business. 

Interests & Hobbies 

Pinterest is great for all sort of reasons but it is super fun. Imagine you don't own any website, you could still use it for your own pleasure. You can learn a lot of things. Let's say you love to cook or bake, you can find all the recipes you want. You get to pin, save & share anything. It is basically an endless pool of things that you love. 

Stock Images

Pinterest is known for beautiful pictures. You can use those pins for blog purpose (or other). As long as you give the appropriate credit, you are good! 

Organize your Pins

Pinterest allows you to create boards to organize all your pins. I love the fact that you can do that, it really helps. You can go back to look up for any saved pins whenever you need them. 


Just like any other social media network, you can engage with people here too. You can create groups and share pins with others. It's really fun! Also, some bloggers like to add their pins below their blog posts so that you can save it for later or share it with others. I find that very useful as you can always go back to that blog post anytime you want. It is a life saver for me. 

A lot of bloggers use Pinterest to promote their website. If you want to know whether it works or not, you just have to try it for yourself. I think it is a great idea for both your professional and personal use. I'd recommend it to anyone. 

What are your thoughts on Pinterest? Do you use it often? Do you like or dislike it? 

Do you have Pinterest? Follow me here

~Thank you for reading and happy blogging ~

Sunday, February 7, 2021

5 Ways to Promote Your Old Blog Posts

Hey readers,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I spent mine catching up with blog reading and discovering new bloggers as well. I don't know about you but when I read a new blog, I tend to give a quick read on their older posts too. It helps me getting to know them and their type of posts better. 

Sometimes, we are vey excited to write about a specific topic and we spend a lot of time planning and writing it but once we publish the post, it's over. As we keep writing more and more blog posts, the older ones are only getting older. Let's be honest, people will always be reading your new posts but what if that post sitting on page 10 of your blog can be helpful for someone today?

I think that promoting your older blog posts are as important as promoting the new ones. I have come up with a few ideas on how you can do that.

 Making a Part 2 of that Post

If you wrote a post and it was a super hit, maybe you should do a part 2 and link back your first post. Or you can update that first post with a new message or a new way of saying the same thing? 

 Link back to a Similar Post 

If you wrote a similar post before, you can always add a link back to it so that your readers can enjoy reading more on that specific topic.

Share it on You Instagram Post or Story

If you had a quote or a picture attached to that older blog post, you can re share that picture or the quote and send your followers back to the original post. Or you can always add the post to your stories and if your followers are interested, they'll give it a read. 

Comment on Other Blogs

If you read a blog post and see that the person is talking about a similar post you've written, you can kindly add a link to your blog (make sure you do that in a appropriate way)

Jump on any opportunity 

Sometimes, you'll see people asking to comment any link that you want to share on facebook or twitter. That's a great place to comment a link to an older post. You can also discover new blogs at the same time which is awesome.

I hope this was of any help to you. These are ideas of how I promote my older blog posts and I thought that some of you could use it as your posts might really help people who did not follow you before or missed one of your posts. 

~ Thank you for reading & happy blogging ~ 

Friday, January 15, 2021

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Hey readers,

Happy Friday! I hope you're doing well. What better way to start this year's first blog post than being nominated by two amazing bloggers for The  Outstanding Blogger Award. I feel very honored and blessed to be nominated by the amazing blogger, B from MindBeautySimplicity & the wonderful blogger, Deborah from HeadphoneThoughts. One blogs about everything related to minimalism, beauty & fashion and the other shares her thoughts and reflections based on her life. Both of these lifestyle bloggers writes beautifully and are very kind hearted. Please do check out their blogs! 

Here's the link to the original creator of this award: The Original Outstanding Blogger Award


  • Provide a link to the creator's original award post
  • Answer the quetions provided
  • Create 7 unique questions
  • Nominate at least 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award's creator nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated.
  • At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator's original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding blogger award.

B's Questions:

What are your blogging goals for 2021?

  • I want to discover as many bloggers as I can and get to know them through my interview series and by reading their blogs posts. 
  • Be more consistent with my posts this year. 
  • Promote my blog on Pinterest. 
What was something positive that happened last year?

I participated in blogmas. I always wanted to participate as I have seen other bloggers do it and it seemed so much fun but challenging as well. I only did 12 days of Blogmas but it was totally worth it. I also met a lot of other bloggers who were also doing blogmas and it was amazing. Also, another positive thing is that I was very active and consistent on Instagram. I was able to focus on that and I am glad as it was a goal of mine that I have achieved. Hopefully, I get to keep up with that. 

What is your niche / favorite thing to write about?

My favorite thing to write about is "how-to's". If you look at my blog posts, you'll see it is mostly blogging advice. 
  • How to support other bloggers
  • How to write a good comment on a blog post
  • How blogging can help in your life
I have learned a lot while blogging and I want to share that knowledge with anyone else who needs it. 

Who inspires you the most in life?

I have more than one person who inspires me. I'd say it is basically the people I am surrounded by everyday. I have a small circle of friends and of course, my family. We usually get inspired by what we see, read & experience. Also, I can say that I get to learn new things everyday by reading a blog post or by having a conversation with someone at work and simple things like that can inspire me. 

Where would you want to travel next when it’s safe to do so? 

I have only been going from home to work and work to home these days. So, at this point, I'd be grateful to have the chance to travel anywhere in the world.

What inspiring message would you want your readers to know?

"At the end of the day, it is all about the little things"

I believe that it is always the little things that matters the most. After all, our memories come from those little moments that are so special to us and lead to big things. 

Is there a topic you wish to write about, but are afraid of the reaction?

Not really, I believe that everyone has a right to their opinions and can totally disagree with the way I think or see things. I think the best part of blogging is to be able to write whatever you want to without being afraid of judgment. People can also share their thoughts through comments and it is nice to see the different perspectives. 


Deborah's Questions: 

Tell us your 2021 goals for your blog

As I have mentioned above, my goals are:

  • Discover more blogs and get to know them through their posts and my interview series
  • Be more consistent with my blog posts
  • Promote my blog on Pinterest

How do you plan on implementing your goals for your blog in 2021?

  • Discover new blogs through social media: twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest
  • Interview more bloggers to know their stories, their thoughts on life, their interests
  • Schedule posts using my blog journal
  • Create pins on Pinterest and increase my reach

What inspires you to write your blogs?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, you just need to take some time to think. Your blog is based on yourself, your life, your thoughts, your experiences. Blogging is basically sharing your life with others and getting inspired from others as well. You share your life, your knowledge and you learn and take advice from others. You take and you give back. 

Why did you begin your blog?

It started from a class that I took back in college. I had to make a website and I did some research. While doing that, I discovered a few bloggers and read their posts. It was interesting. That's when I first started my own blog. That was one of the best decisions of my life and I am thankful to that class where I learned a lot of things such as coding, building a website, the computer language and more. 

What have you learned about yourself in writing your blogs?

I learned a lot while blogging. I didn't even know I was capable of making my own website at first. I also learned how to interact with other bloggers. One of the best reasons to be nominated for an award is to answer the questions that make you think about yourself. 

What would you change about your blog?

I would love to add more pages to my blog ( I have ideas but I need some more time to work on it)

How do you feel about collaborating on your blog?

I would love to collaborate with other bloggers in the near future. It is always fun to work with others. If I get the opportunity, I'd love to. 

My questions for you:
1.What's the most interesting place you've visited?
2.What is one of the most awkward moments of your life? 
3.Would you rather have a home on the beach or the mountains?
4. If your life was a movie, what would it be called?
5. If you could choose to invite three celebrities at your house, who would they be? 
6. What would your ideal day look like? 
7. If you have to learn a new skill, what would it be? 

Since I got nominated by 2 different bloggers, I am going to tag 14 people in total

My nominees: 

Molly - Molly Louise
Carina and Juliade - Project Girl 2 Woman
Francesca - Francesca's Finds
Katie - Watt The Blog

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please do check out these amazing bloggers. Once again, thank you to B & Deborah for this nomination. Do give them a follow. I'll leave their links below. 

B's social media:

Deborah's social media:

Have a great weekend! 

~ Thank you for reading and happy blogging ~