Monday, March 8, 2021

Meet the Lifestyle Blogger - Amber Louise

Hey readers,

Welcome back to the Daily Sunlight Interview Series! 

I hope you are ready with your hot choco or coffee as I am here to introduce you to an amazing blogger. Are you interested in fashion? Do you love reading about skincare reviews? Do you want blogging tips? Do you love freebies? I think we all do! Well, ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to Amber Louise.

To start off this interview, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi there! My name is Amber Louise, and I am from Nottingham, UK. I am currently at University, and I run a lifestyle blog called The Unpredicted Page. My blog covers a whole range of topics, so it is suitable for everyone! I also run an Instagram (@amberxpagex) where I focus mainly on fashion.

Your blog covers a variety of topics (health & beauty, fashion, travel, recipes, financial advice and more). What is your favorite thing to write about? 

My favorite thing is writing about is product reviews. I love sharing my opinion and helping other people decided whether a product is good enough to buy or not. I have reviewed things like skincare products, razors, and apple cider gummies. I think reviews are more interesting to read personally.

What is the best part about blogging? What do you love most about it?

The bets part of blogging is seeing my profile grow. I love it when people recognize me or when they say that they really loved reading my posts. My blog is to help others so when I get good feedback it is the best thing!

Do you have a specific routine when it comes to publishing your post? Are you more someone who schedules a post in advance or simply writes everything on the spot?

I schedule my posts a month in advance. I like to be super prepared, so I plan content ideas in bulk. It also takes me a few sittings to finish a blog post. I very rarely mange to finish writing and editing a blog post in one go.

Are there any tools/apps that you use for your blog that you would like to share with us? (any photo editing apps or anything)

I use Grammarly to check my grammar is correct. I also love using lightroom and airbrush for my pictures. My blog photos are usually recycled Instagram photos, so I use my presets for them.

What is the best way, according to you, to promote a blog post after publishing it?

When I post a blog post, I share it on Twitter. This means the post gets instant attention. I also like to create a multiple pins for the post and pin them onto Pinterest over the next few weeks. The best way of getting traffic to your post would be to get it ranking on google so I also write with SEO in mind.

What is your favorite post that you have published until now and why is it that one your favorite?

My favorite post I have written is What is uni really like: University myths as I got a lot of good feedback form it. It is also one of my longest posts.


How long have you been blogging for? Do you see yourself blogging in the future?

I have been blogging for 10 months now so almost a year. I am so proud of how far I have come, and I really do hope I can carry it on in the future. I am looking into monetizing my blog so that it can become more of a side hustle.

Where did you get your inspiration to help other bloggers through your blogging resources? (affiliate program, freebies, templates) 

My freebies are simply products that have helped me in the past which is why I wanted to share them with others. For example, I created my own media kit template and it worked for me, so I wanted to share it with others. I believe there is plenty of room in the blogging industry so why not help others achieve their goals.

What would you do to improve your content?

I would try and double check all my content for grammar issues as when I look back at them, I always seem to find the odd mistake here and there.

Given the current situation of COVID-19 19, most people work from home and students have online classes. Due to that, do you think you are able to blog more often? 

I was able to blog more often in the first lockdown in the UK and it did wonders for my blog. But currently, I am back at University, so my blog has taken a bit of a back step which is annoying, but I must prioritize my study’s.

Is there anything you would like to add or share in this interview?

One of my recent posts was posted in November and within a month it was ranking on the first page of google which was incredible for me! It was my first post that has ever been on the first page: Facetheory Regena c20 Serum Review: Worth it?

Thank you, Amber, for being a part of my Daily Sunlight Interview Series! It is always a pleasure getting to know bloggers on a more personal level. I love reading your posts, they are very helpful and I love your blog design. It is simply beautiful. Your blogging tips are very useful and your products reviews can really help one decide whether they would be interested to include those products in their skin care routine. Keep it up with your great posts! 

Readers, all of her links are below, do check out her blog and show some love. 

~Thank you for reading & happy blogging ~ 


  1. I've started doing my articles in batches too now, I normally do a bunch through to draft stage, sort pictures and everything for a load at once, then at a later date do the proof reading for all of them to finalise them then sort out scheduling to promot them

    1. That's a good technique. Proof reading is very important! Thank you.

  2. got twitter, planning content, check for mistakes (my favorite one that I always choose to ignore)… The list keeps getting bigger and mean it's so awesome to learn little bits here & there. These interview series bring so much value and knowledge with a bonus of knowing another blogger.


    1. I know right! I am so glad you are loving them because I do too, it is always fun :D

  3. I like to read posts like this because sometimes I find bloggers I do not follow and it is fun to find some blogs to read. You have shared a great post and asked some great questions.

    Thank you for sharing this blogger.
    Lauren |

    1. I love discovering new bloggers as well as sharing their blogs with others. We are a community, we have to help each other grow. Yeep, it is always fun to read find blogs to read :D


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