Sunday, February 7, 2021

5 Ways to Promote Your Old Blog Posts

Hey readers,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I spent mine catching up with blog reading and discovering new bloggers as well. I don't know about you but when I read a new blog, I tend to give a quick read on their older posts too. It helps me getting to know them and their type of posts better. 

Sometimes, we are vey excited to write about a specific topic and we spend a lot of time planning and writing it but once we publish the post, it's over. As we keep writing more and more blog posts, the older ones are only getting older. Let's be honest, people will always be reading your new posts but what if that post sitting on page 10 of your blog can be helpful for someone today?

I think that promoting your older blog posts are as important as promoting the new ones. I have come up with a few ideas on how you can do that.

 Making a Part 2 of that Post

If you wrote a post and it was a super hit, maybe you should do a part 2 and link back your first post. Or you can update that first post with a new message or a new way of saying the same thing? 

 Link back to a Similar Post 

If you wrote a similar post before, you can always add a link back to it so that your readers can enjoy reading more on that specific topic.

Share it on You Instagram Post or Story

If you had a quote or a picture attached to that older blog post, you can re share that picture or the quote and send your followers back to the original post. Or you can always add the post to your stories and if your followers are interested, they'll give it a read. 

Comment on Other Blogs

If you read a blog post and see that the person is talking about a similar post you've written, you can kindly add a link to your blog (make sure you do that in a appropriate way)

Jump on any opportunity 

Sometimes, you'll see people asking to comment any link that you want to share on facebook or twitter. That's a great place to comment a link to an older post. You can also discover new blogs at the same time which is awesome.

I hope this was of any help to you. These are ideas of how I promote my older blog posts and I thought that some of you could use it as your posts might really help people who did not follow you before or missed one of your posts. 

~ Thank you for reading & happy blogging ~ 


  1. That's incredible. There are so many post that get built up so soon that most older posts get let behind. Unless, you have an excellent SEO score, we would soon see a significant drop in the number people that read the posts. But then sharing them on channels that best fit you niche is the best thing to do. Although, you might wanna use a bit of caution and judgement while posting your blog links in the comments of view for view requests. I have spoken to a number of blogger that got their urls blocked on fb for spamming. Of course, excess of anything won't be good.
    Thank you for always sharing usable and useful information.

    1. That is right! Yeah, that's why I said in an appropriate way and only when it is acceptable. Nobody needs a spam of your links in their comments! I just think sometimes it could be useful to share your older blog posts as it could help anyone.

      Thank you for always leaving great comments that make my day! :)


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